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It was great to have a break and catch up with family and friends.

In the spirit of the season

In December the interns and I decided to do something different, we went ice-skating in Frankfurt. It was my second time skating so imagine how rusty I was. We had so much fun and laughter that day. Few days later, my team had a Christmas dinner at an Italian place and I loved it! It gave us the chance to get together outside of work and just talk about our lives, our experiences and overall get to know each other better. Last year was challenging, language-wise and social-wise and this year I want to take all the opportunities that come my way.

This month there is also an event held in Munich and I am looking forward to being part of it. All the interns will be responsible for directing people and distributing leaflets and goodie bags. The best thing of all is the fact that we get to stay in a cool hotel paid by the company and we get to work in a different environment.

German-English translation for "weihnachten"

My first four months at SBD are coming to a close as I travel back to England this week to visit family over the Christmas holidays. These first months have been fun inside and outside of work, and have provided a lot of opportunity to improve various skills in various departments. Most importantly are my German language skills. Most of my workload currently is centered around the BAU Messe in January — our biggest trade fair event of the year.

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The aim being to get most of the work completed before the Christmas holidays, so we can focus on getting everything right in the short time we will have in the new year. We received the first lot of noteworthy snow on the weekend, however still not enough to test out the snowboard down some of the big hills here nearby Idstein. In the 5 th month of being here and I feel as though I have grown a lot closer to the other interns I am working with, and we are doing more things together outside of work.

This weekend we plan to go to the Christmas markets in Wiesbaden and to a trampoline park which is exciting! It is a busy time at work right now with deadlines coming up for getting the projects for the new products rounded up. Other than that, work has been same old lately. I am constantly learning new things every day, with new challenges as well. Coming up to the holidays now and I am so excited to get back to England to see my family and friends for a well needed break!

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This is already our fifth month working here. These past few weeks have generally been quite busy.

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A deadline for all the new products, that the company is launching next year April is coming up and a lot of the work that I have been doing has been towards this big launch. Most of it consists of translating launch books from English into German.

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For all the crazy party people, there is going to be a Party in Vanity after all, where you can show your awesome dance skills! There will be free entrance till midnight for everybody, who owns an ESNcard! Read their description below to be prepared:.

Ready to join? Perfect, so hurry up and sign in at our registration form, to get a spot. First come, first serve - rule!

Weihnachten steht vor der tür

New to cologne and you don't even know where the cathedral is? We are here to help by playing a paper chase! Put on your comfortable shoes and join us on our city rallye, where we will show you around our lovely city and take you to all the essential spots. Moreover would you like to taste German beer Polish vodka, and French wine all at once? Now all these things are possible. All thanks to our International Dinner The principal is simple - people from all over the Europe or even WORLD gather together in one place and they bring their national food and drinks.

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