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Instead of storing food in plastic containers, invest in a vacuum packing machine.

Email is the biggest threat for businesses… but the greatest opportunity for the channel

With vacuum sealing, food lasts longer than using other storage methods. It is a great way to store surplus food that would usually be thrown away. It helps you minimize wastage and costs at the same time. Save time with labelling machine: Labelling food by hand is time-consuming and prone to error, as people can make mistakes, and their handwriting is not always clear. Using a labelling machine can help you ensure consistency, save time for your kitchen staff and improve operating efficiency. Rely on technology to reduce your food waste effectively : Food waste management tools, such as the Winnow Vision and Winnow Waste Monitor , provide data to drive improvements in kitchen production processes.

These tools help chefs cut food waste in half, saves money and reduce their environmental footprint at the same time.

Climate Change: The Greatest Opportunity Of All Time

It significantly improves margins while doing the right thing. Food waste is a severe issue in Malaysia. Join them today to fight food waste and protect your bottom line.

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RSS Feed. Audio Gallery Video Gallery. They had no room for Emmanuel - God with us. They couldn't accommodate the Creator, the Eternal Judge before whom they will have to stand on the Day of Judgment. They missed the opportunity of all time.

  1. What's The Greatest Opportunity??
  2. Young growing forests offer the greatest opportunity for carbon storage.
  3. The Descent From Truth.
  4. The biggest crisis is also the greatest opportunity;

Our Lord Jesus was born in a stable in a cave amongst farm animals Wise men traveled great distances in order to worship the King of kings. The shepherds on the hillside came and worshipped. But where was the mayor of Bethlehem?

There is no indication that any of the elders and leading citizens of Bethlehem acknowledged the greatest event ever to occur in Bethlehem, before or since.