Manual Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf: A BBW Paranormal Erotic Fairy Tale

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Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: Volume 1, Red Riding Hood

Scarlett's little town is being stalked by a beast. It only preys on young beautiful virgins, so she thinks her curvy body is off the menu. But when she volunteers to sacrifice herself for the sake of her town, she didn't know exactly what she signed up for. This is no ordinary wolf. Werewolf Rafe has found his mate, and he has to take her body or lose control.

It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. Nikki has a special night planned for her boyfriend on Halloween, with her dressed as a saucy Red Riding Hood, with him as the Big, Bad Wolf.

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While in the forest waiting for him, she is found by a creature she never even suspected was real. In a land ravaged by the zombie apocalypse, how will three little pigs cope in their newly built homes? Are they ready for all the evils that this world has to offer? Alex Cross's first case since joining the FBI has his new colleagues stymied.

Behind this depraved scheme stands a shadowy figure known only as The Wolf, a master criminal who has brought a new reign of terror to organized crime. For to stalk a ruthless predator without a name or a face, Alex Cross must become a lone wolf himself Pregnant llamas.

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Cheeky little boys. An obstinate man who preferred a mummy bag in the wilderness to a soft bed at home. Were Brandon and his sons the family she always wanted? Or would they break her heart?

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Charlie Renee Miller was sent to prison eight years ago. And she's just received her first visitor - her thirteen year old granddaughter. Now Charlie is charged with bestowing real world wisdom upon the young girl's troubled soul. And Charlie isn't holding anything back. A dream cottage in the middle of the forest is the perfect place to write sensual, paranormal romances and live out your fantasies. Especially when the big, bad wolf comes knocking on your door. Too much alcohol and a moonlit walk in the woods lead Gina to meet a gorgeous guy, and he seems nice enough. He's BIG. He's BAD.

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He's got fangs. He might eat YOU! Will he be able to stop RED? Advertising remove. Page 6 from 9. Book rate:. James Patterson. Mira Turner. Ellen Dominick.

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