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However Grey was in no mood for light hearted musings, not while the lives of his friends were in danger. She will tell you, what you need to do? Eyebrows lifted upwards in shocked surprise, Grey thought the warrior was mocking him again, but one look from the warrior was enough for Grey to see that the warrior truly meant what he said.

His blue eyes which had at first appeared to be filled with serenity, seemed to hold a tinge of regret as Galfain gazed upon the tree behind him. No time to doubt his words, he started up the hill, his mind set on aiding his friends, when out of the ground erupted vines that tried to wrap their way around his feet, and slow him down. The thorns that shot out, scraping his flesh as he grunted in pain, and pressed on ahead. The motionless warrior, watching him all the while with a vacant expression that seemed to become more distant as though Grey were losing ground.

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Gasping for air, Grey began to realise the space between him and tree had somehow become longer, and that despite all of his efforts to reach her, he was no closer to it, than he was before. Greatsword heavy upon his back, he tried to find the will to push on, but as soon as he tried once more, the ground beneath him, became like sludge that sucked away at his feet, draining him of strength. Each arduous step, torturous, and full of noxious fumes that made his head feel light, but none of that would stop him.

And as tears slipped down his cheeks at the pain and anguish upon their faces, Grey released a howl of rage, and threw himself forward, ignoring everything.

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The spikes he stepped upon, the roots that stabbed at him, the insects that climbed up to bite into his flesh. None of it mattered. All that was in his mind, was his need to reach the tree, and it was that thought that kept him going, despite his whole body crying out to him to stop. Kept him moving, despite the knowledge he had gained no ground.

Kept him focused, despite the turmoil that whirled inside of him. Till all he could see was the tree burning brightly with a halo of light, and all around it became like shadow and darkness. It was also then that he realised that the greatsword was no longer on his back, but ahead of him, implanted in the ground before the tree.

The weapon, wreathed in burning hot flames that licked the air, and blackened the soil, destroying a patch of wildflowers. And as he finally neared it, a being made of pure light, walked out to greet him. The light formed to reflect his own visage, and haggerard expression as he stood there before it, panting for breath.

Surprise, was only one of the emotions he felt, although it was more accurate to say he was confused. I was created by the bringer of light to serve as a weapon against the darkness of the world. I was once wielded in the ancient battles of old to rid the world of demons, and yet as your wise master, once spoke, there cannot be light without darkness. It is a lesson, I fear Ice Eyes did not quite understand. Still, I myself, have often wondered if Ice Eyes had lived longer, would he truly have succeeded.

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His life was a short one, and yet in that time, he had done the unimaginable, perhaps if he had attacked the very heart of evil, he could have succeeded and rebuilt the world. I suppose, we shall never know, but for now, that is not why you are here. You wish for me to become one with you. So I shall ask you why? Why should I join forces with one such as yourself? There are far more capable warriors out there, and all of them pure of heart. Why you?


I just know that this path is the right one to follow. I came here wanting vengeance for my family, but now that I see the darkness in the world. I cannot turn my back upon it. Serve the light well, and I will aid you in battle. Air crackling with raw energy, the image of dragon faded away, and the flames that had once burned so brightly around the greatsword glowed with raw heat as he stepped forward, knelt down on the ground before it ,and took the weapon in his arms. The power he felt inside of it, thrummed through him, reigniting the flame in his belly, and as he stood back up he saw that the tree had opened up to create a passage inside of it.

Instinctively knowing where he must go, he walked up tree, felt the caress of her branches, and with one final breath, he stepped into the opening she had provided for him. His battle had begun, and only time would tell if he would succeed.

As always though, there are limitations to this type of magic. Using the power of the Lightbearer, drains a substantial amount of energy, which in turn affects your fatigue, and Health. This is in part due to your lack of training before becoming an Honor Blade. Mastery of the light focuses on the magic of illusion.

Destroys the minds of enemies. Useful for wiping out multiple foes simultaneously. Cannot be used against boss level creatures. Cost: - 50 Health Points. Create a brilliant burst of sunlight that blinds enemies permanently, making them that much easier to slay. Enemies forced to use a single attack dice.

He finds calm under their created vaults and in the radiance of their frescoes and stained glass. And if, at last, he becomes aware of these loftiest peaks shining far off, he is drawn to them and in this very striving becomes stronger, purer and inspired to achievements for the good, for beauty, and for ascent. The pilgrim is always listened to with special attention near the campfire or at a gathering of people. And not only in ancient chronicles does one read of the respect accorded to those who came from afar.

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Even now, despite all the speedy means of communication, when the world has become small, when people strive into the higher strata or down toward the center of the planet…even now, the narrative of the pilgrim still remains the highlight of every gathering. People expect something unusual in every narrative of the pilgrim. Bad habits, old customs, immobility due to attachments, all these depress even the coarsest heart.

Even a depressed spirit strives toward movement. After all, no one thinks of movement as only directed downward. I recall the story that a traveler once related.

Exaltation and transport are primarily connected with ascent. During ascent there is the urgent desire to look beyond the snowy peaks that soar before you. When we hear of new travelers to the Himalayas we are thankful even for that, for they remind us of the summits and the call of the ever-beautiful, the ever-essential.

Though the gates of the East entered the Hindu Faith. Say, did you pass by the way of the sacred word? The Persian kingdom erects the gates of the South. Did you pass through them? The celestial message of China opens to us the western gates.

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How did you pass the way of the Chinese Sign? And the gates of the north belong to Gessar Khan. How did you pass by the way of the sword stroke? Did you pass the gates leading to Lhasa, where lies the way of the seekers of truth? The East—the gates of India.

There, hallowing the sacred word and custom, we rested. The Persian kingdom possesses the gates of the south. There we revered the border of the noble ones. The celestial message of China opened to us the western gates. Affirming the dates it gave us happiness. The gates to the warrior, Gessar, are on the north. By the clash of swords we passed these nations. And through the gates of Lhasa, seeking for truth We passed, testing in silence our spirit. One is visited by wisdom and yet remains only an onlooker.

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Some can achieve wholly naught, therefore one must test himself here. But to him who already comes with wisdom, there is special bliss. Does the High One need the wisdom of nine signs? And does the mediocre one need the same? Are you coming as friend of high estate or do you desire only a purse? Do you come without threats?