Manual Huntress (An Angels Voice Short Story)

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Time is running out. The story continues two years later when she returns to Gotham City with a plan. That plan is kept under wraps by the author until well in the book, and I refuse to tell or give spoilers. When the plan is finally revealed, readers realize that everything Catwoman has done had a specific purpose. In the exciting conclusion, it all comes together and I am left grinning like an idiot.

This makes what she has to do next more difficult. Diana hides the young lady, Alia Mayeux Keralis, in a cave until she can decide what to do. This is when Amazons start getting very sick and earthquakes begin. Alia has no idea that she is a Warbringer. The birth of a Warbringer signals an age of conflict. Wars will soon follow such as WWII. Everywhere she goes people will suddenly become violent. If the Warbringer dies before her seventeenth birthday, no war will come.

The Eagle Huntress’ Teen Eagle Wrangler Takes America — and Wins Big at Ring Toss

Therefore, this is a secret society dedicated to identifying and assassinating all Warbringers — and they have Alia targeted. Diana learns about magical springs at the southern coast of Greece. If she can get Alia off Themyscira without anyone knowing and to the springs before the start of Hekatombaion the first month in the old Greek calendar then the line of Warbringers will be broken. Diana, Alia, and a few people Alia trusts must race to the magical springs while avoiding the Warbringer conflicts and dodging assassins. From the first page until the last, this story is nonstop action.

It was fun to be on Themyscira during the beginning and ending of this book, but watching Diana have an adventure while she was only a teen was even more fun. Of course, adults do not even consider Diana able to be a bodyguard at first.

But the Amazon princess has borrowed a few familiar items from the island to help. Watching Diana in battle was thrilling, no matter her age.

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The story has some twists, but a few of them are predicable. Others blindsided me. This story is well worth your time and money!

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Author: Robert J. Liz has never held a gun or rifle, but luck is on her side as she killed Bill Nolan. Soon after, Les Nolan and his sons arrived and killed her entire family. As the only Archer family member left alive, Liz set out to avenge them. Again luck is on her side. She ran into Tate Gilmore who teaches her to shoot. Liz is a natural.

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She was innocent until she gave herself to Tate Gilmore a well-known gunslinger. But it did not take long for Liz to begin selling herself out. Too bad, because the rest of the book is fantastic.


Be warned: Toward the end while selling her body to one of her enemies the sex becomes hard. Angie Carter and her father was the only people in the area to own land except for James Morris. There is no prostitution in this episode. Until the hired gunman arrives, things are pretty tame. But once he arrives in town, the real fun begins. Eric Neilson had gone up against the wolf and lost. He now sports deep gouges on his back to tell the tale.

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Now Old Gray Hair haunts his sleep. Liz does not track animals, but Neilson threatened to tell all the newspapers where she currently was. That would bring all the gun shooters who wanted to test her. In other words, Liz hunts the wolf or there would be a blood bath. She reluctantly agrees. But that is not the end of it. Neilson has already hired the best wolf tracker, Loren Page. Liz and Page are to work together. But again, that is not the end of it. This story is not nearly as exciting as the previous two, yet it is still worth your time to read.

It was interesting to watch Liz and Page track this fascinating creature. There are some typos, but not nearly as many as in the second book of the series. She decided to head for San Francisco for some sightseeing and gambling.

During her first night, she meets Victor Drake, a big time rich businessman. Within twenty-four hours, she is framed for killing one of his sons at a crib whorehouse. Inspector Dan Granger believes her innocent, yet his chief says to hold her. Therefore, Granger helps her escape. She could try to clear her name and Granger can use her as bait. The killers had made a fatal mistake when they chose Angel Eyes to take the blame for murder.

There is more sex in this episode of the series than in the others. There is so much that I believe it was used as filler. Angel Eyes gets around — even with a woman — and few men do not get entertained in her bed. It would be a much short list to say who Liz did NOT go to bed with. There is very little sustenance to the plot line and I found myself bored at times. Honey has her hands busy keeping Logan out of her business. This story still has quite a few typos, but if you can ignore them, this story is very entertaining.

Now half way into the series, the author is finally starting to dwell on the plot line rather than using too much sex as filler. Unknown to Angel Eyes two people are waiting for her.