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In , when he travels to Earth to accepta prestigious award, Michael is arrested in California on an ex post facto law, tried and convicted by a kangaroo court, then sentenced and subjected to his third Retrogression Procedure. Before it he was 85 but looked and felt Now he is still 85 but looks 8.

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Past the prime age for adoption, he is put into foster care with an eccentric scientist and a scandalously but hilariously ill-behaving younger retro "brother. After one tragedy and a series of both harrowing and uproarious misadventures, Michael, through an elaborate subterfuge, manages to escape from Earth and return to Mars. Here, too, he must come to terms with the fact that, as a third-time retro, he will remain biophysically a child the rest of his life.

Still, as always, Michael adapts. He is loved, welcomed back, and honored by his family, his colleagues in academia, and the entire Martian community.

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Early in their marriage, the Weinbergers rented a room in their house to help pay for the mortgage. One of the renters was a Japanese student they developed a close bond with who would later invite them to Japan to attend her wedding, and paid for the journey with money she left behind in a U. The Weinbergers took it a step further. They leased their house, sold their cars, quit their jobs and took their two young sons with them to live in Japan for a year.

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That spirit was evident not only in her life with her family and throughout her career, it was present in her generous nature. Weinberger did not go on that trip, Reynolds said, but she did accompany a volunteer of the National Foster Youth Institute who was very ill across the country for medical appointments. She was somebody special.

The Victoria Cross

Kathleen Hill knew Weinberger for many years in different capacities of their lives and was part of a Tuesday lunch group with Weinberger. Weinberger most recently demonstrated that energy by working with Rhoten on a capital campaign for the Sebastiani Theatre. When she gets involved she goes into it whole heartedly. She worked for Organizing for Action as a deputy regional director and California state director in and ; she was the regional field director for the Ed Markey for U.

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Senate campaign in Massachusetts; and, for the Obama for America campaign, she was the Maryland state field director. She toured India with a New Yorker magazine writer, Ved Mehta, who was legally blind, helping describe scenes, people, their clothes and so on.

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That was so moving to me; that was the last thing she had put up. They knew one another long before they married.

In fact, Andy said Lilla went to his bar mitzvah — she was six years older than he — and he attended her first wedding. Lilla Weinberger is survived by her husband Andy, their sons Gideon his wife Colleen , Tobias his wife Janne , three grandchildren, a brother Skip Gilbrech and his children Katherine and Michael, a sister, Sandi and husband Steve Auer, and many friends.

A private service will be held Friday, March 29; a public memorial is being planned. Please enter the email address for your Disqus account to join the comments.

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Sonoma remembers Lilla Weinberger, who died this week at Those who knew her said she was fiercely loyal. You must be logged in as a subscriber to access the comments section.